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Who We Are

Lonestar Sierra specializes in the latest refractory installations and mechanical procedures, with an emphasis on safety and personalized service.

We perform scheduled and emergency turnarounds, ongoing maintenance services and shop work across the continental United States.

Refractory Services

Lonestar Sierra utilizes a fleet of Brokk demolition machines, more than likely staged within 24 hours of your location
  • Rotary Kiln Brick
  • Cyclone and Tertiary Brick
  • Form and Pumpcast Linings
  • Conventional Gunite Installations
  • Shotcrete Installations (including both low -cement and no-cement applications)
  • Gunned and Rammed Plastic Installations
  • Specialized Monolithic Applications and Precast Shape Installations
  • Burner Pipe Refractories
  • Damper Rebuilds
  • Meal Pipe Refractory Casting
  • Precast Shapes
  • Air Cannon Replacement (both ceramic and stainless)
  • Steel Structure and Support
  • Rotary Kiln Castings
  • Cement Preheater Feed Castings
  • Ceramic and Metallic Hanging Thimble Installation and Repairs
  • Onsite Damper Installations

Mechanical Services

  • Grate and Drive System Maintenance and Repairs
  • Drag Chain Repairs
  • Hammer Mill / Roll Crusher Repairs and Rebuilds
  • Liner Replacements
  • Discharge Head Rebuilds
  • Motor and Gear Assembly Changeouts
  • Table Liner Replacements
  • Complete Conveyor System Maintenance and Turnaround Repairs
  • Weigh Feeder Repairs,¬†Rebuilds, and Upgrades
  • Bucket Elevator Repairs and Turnarounds
  • Screw Conveyor Maintenance and Repairs
  • Complete Load Out System Additions
  • Structural Additions
  • Plant Modernizations
  • Bag House and Dust Collection Systems
We provide ongoing permanent plant support ranging from one-man callout situations to full-time crews working 365 days per year onsite

Our Mission

Our success is built upon earned trust. We continually provide services that others cannot. Our clients and partners understand that our services and expertise are based upon a desire to forge and maintain partnerships that last for years.

We understand that not only is it a priority to provide excellent craftsmanship, but also to provide completed projects within stated budgets and schedules. This is why we are continually called upon to provide services in time-sensitive and demanding situations.

Our management team is dedicated to creating a mistake-free work environment on both shop and field projects. As a condition of employment, we expect each employee to share our QA / QC mission and accept his or her responsibility to contribute to the achievement of our goal.

We are not affiliated with any material manufacturer or contracted to install any particular product line. This allows us to become familiar with the latest materials and installation methods, without restrictions or licensing infringements.

Industry Focus

With locations in Central California and Southern Colorado, we are strategically located to provide emergency callout services throughout the Western United States. We also have the capabilities and resources to provide scheduled turnaround services anywhere in the United States.

  • Connector.

    Cement and Lime

    Emergency and Turnaround Refractory and Mechanical Services Including Preheater Process, Kilns, Mills, and Coolers

  • Connector.

    Steel and Metals

    Emergency and Turnaround Services for Metal Manufacturing including Walking Beam, Reheat, and Rotary Furnaces

  • Connector.

    Power Generation

    Emergency and Turnaround Services for CFB’s Including Refractory Linings, Vortex Finder Repairs, and Burner Tiles

Some of Our Partnerships Displayed

Lonestar Sierra is proud to display the organizations with which we have relationships. Our services and value are built upon mutual trust and professionalism.


Prequalifications for Safety Programs and Insurance Coverage

Browz LLC

Our Browz membership communicates our commitment to safety and a transparent risk management system

Avetta (formerly PICS)

As a confirmed and audited member of Avetta, we are confident in an up-to-date health and safety program